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Legacy of Negasi (LoN), (Knee-GAH-SEE), translates from Ethiopian origins  to “Royalty” or “He will wear a crown.”

We are a black-owned publishing company out of Wichita, Kansas; authors of children’s Books; organizers and advocates for promoting a positive image of the black family through early childhood education and learning.

Through a method of rhythm, rhyme and repetition in our books and learning rhymes, we aim to make reading/ learning FUN and EXCITING from its foundation!

LoN aims to provide ALL children with proper representation of the black/brown family by writing and publishing stories that reflect us outside of oppression, outside of poverty and outside of crime.


Representation versus Inclusion: The most recognizable books do not provide much diversity.  In most cases, black characters are at best minor to nonexistent. Along comes Legacy of Negasi. Our characters are black/brown.

Why Are We Necessary?

Statistics tell us that black boys can’t read. The only way to improve reading skills is to read.  The best way to get someone to read is appeal to the person by identity or interest.
Our answer is to provide proper representation of self and cultural experiences. We tailor learning to fit the audience, we show black children flying without a ball, we assert that black children are KING outside of music and sports, we show black children simply being children and we show black children who dream.

How Are We Unique?

Legacy of Negasi is a publishing company that creates children’s books for EVERY child. However, through portrayal, each story incites the imagination of our children through representation.
Not only is Legacy of Negasi a black-owned publishing company, we also provide teaching mechanisms through action, art and creative ways to elevate our children into the future.

Meet the

McCall Family

Dana Michelle McCall was born in Wichita, Kansas April 17th, 1984 to Vernon Dean and Donna Baker. She is the eldest girl of four children, Vernon, Dana, Mahogany and Henry. Dana graduated high school in 2002 and then attended Wichita State University.In 2003, she joined the United States Army where she spent an insurmountable of team training and leading soldiers.

In 2004, she met her husband, Cornelius McCall and they married June 8, 2006.In 2015, Dana and her family were in a devastating car crash that limited her physical ability to remain a soldier and in 2018, Dana was medically retired from the United States Army as a Master Sergeant after serving an excess of 16 years.

After dealing with “civilian” life and the absence of military structure, Dana realized that she has always had a “niche” for teaching children.She decided that the values that she and Cornelius instill in their own children could be shared with the world’s youth on a global scale; a children’s book was underway.

Dana’s husband, Cornelius followed a similar road in life and after being medically separated from the Army, decided to travel overseas supporting the United States Government as a Government Contractor.After spending nearly 3 years abroad, it was time to come home.Once reconnected, Dana and Cornelius conversed the possibilities of authoring a children’s book so the two begin aggressively researching the nuances of authoring and their first book, “These Hugs Are My Hugs” began to take shape.

The two share 3 children; Elijah, Uriah and Micah.

My kids love her stories!

Aisha Walker - Wichita, Kansas

My four year old loves to practice her Alphabet song and the dance. How creative!

Ebony Price - Los Angeles, California

Captivating storyteller, she has a way with children that keeps them engaged. She has my vote, her stories were meant to be shared with the world.

Rosalyn Richardson - Greensboro, North Carolina

About Legacy of Negasi

"Legacy of Negasi" is a black-owned publishing company out of Wichita, Kansas; authors of children's books; organizers and advocates for promoting a positive image of the black family through early childhood education and learning.